Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to engage your audience. Dont' underestimate the power of social media to share your brand's story and create a community. 

Imagine if your social media was all the advertising you needed? Let's build you an arsenal of enthusiastic fans using captivating social media strategies. 

Seemingly unconsciously we'll get your business to 'the top of mind' for customers in your local area. All of this and more is possible with a cleverly executed social media strategy. 

Popularity Booster

Social media can work for your business like word-of-mouth on steroids.

Using a social media manager, like me -  with a strong knowledge of marketing can help your business take full advantage of this. If you've ever posted on your business page because 'it's been a while since your last post' - let me show you the difference that a carefully planned content strategy can make. Soon you'll have your fans doing the promoting for you. 

The Booster Package includes:

  • Proper profile set up (you'd be surprised how often people miss out on opportunities by not doing this properly).
  • Daily updates and interactions
  • Creation of images that are appealing and intriguing on all devices. 
  • Running competitions & giveaways to increase fan engagement. 

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Work it Baby!

Paid advertising on social media is a cost effective way to turbo-charge your business.

But you kinda need to know how to do it - otherwise you'll throw thousands of dollars away while you give it a go.  

If you're keen to see how Facebook advertising can work for you (and the results are usually instant). I can:

  • Set up your pixels to track the results and follow your fans as they wander around the internet... Creepy, I know..
  • Pin point targeting for your ads (including age, sex, location and interests of your ideal customer)
  • Create appealing images for high converting ads
  • Continually optimise your ads for maximum return on investment.
  • Provide you with monthly reports and full support.

Doesn’t Include Facebook Ad Budget. Facebook will charge your credit card directly. 

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