Do you even need SEO in Melton? Take a look at the opportunity your business is probably missing out on

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With meteoric business growth in Melton, local SEO is now more important than ever. Regardless of whether you're a startup or have been operating successfully for 30 years you must address SEO. At the moment, SEO in Melton is not being done particularly well  and as you'll see from the example below - this gives you a massive opportunity to get ahead of the competition. 

Why do startups need SEO in Melton?

If you're a fledgling business with a website you can use SEO to get a foot in the door with Google. A good SEO strategy will help you show up in local search results sooner - so you'll get those first few, important clients.

SEO in Melton for established businesses:

On the other hand if your business is pretty established in Melton,  you still need to get on the SEO front foot. Why? Because business is booming in Melton. There are even Council run initiatives like Venture Melton which are actively encouraging more businesses to set up in the area.

You might be sitting pretty now, but soon enough there will be an you can be sure that your competitors will be making local SEO in Melton one of their top marketing priorities.


You're talking gobbledy-gook! What even is SEO?

Fair call.

I'll go into that in more detail in a later post.  In a nutshell, SEO is getting your business to show up on relevant search results. Here's an example:

You've lost your keys and need a locksmith.

Naturally Google is your first 'port of call'. If you lived in St Kilda you'd might punch in St Kilda locksmith as search terms.

You can see from the results below that a few of the local businesses have appeared in the results.


However, this is what happens when we repeat the same search for Melton locksmith.

Sure,  you can find a few by clicking into these directory listings (Whereis, Yellow Pages etc). However, some of these directories make you sign in before you can get any contact details. 

And that's so bloody tedious! 

As you can see - there are no direct links to actual Melton Locksmiths (even though there are a few operating in the area).


See how much opportunity there is for a Melton locksmith to appear in a local search? Could your business also have that opportunity? 

To check how your business appears in a local search - Check out our 5 minute crash course(Hint - there's a bit more to it than just a quick Google search)



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