9 reasons people are unliking your Facebook page

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  1. 1. You've been a bit too dull. 

Trust me. No one cares about team-building days or whiteboard sessions.

Make sure each post is providing real value to your audience. 



2. When it comes to fishing for likes...

You don't know where to draw the line. 


3. You're sharing the same content over and over again.

People are un-liking your page because the repetitive drivel is taking the place of other, more interesting posts on their news feed.



4. You're not being authentic.

Don't underestimate the intelligence of your audience. 


5. You've been posting cringe-worthy, salesy crap. 

'Hurry, places are limited!' 

'Be the envy of all your friends!' 

'You've never seen a deal this good!'

Just stop.



6. You've been using automation to make short cuts. 

An email auto-responder?  Great! 

A robot to handle complaints? Not so much.


7. You're being a cheapskate

Maybe you haven't provided any value? Make it worth your fan's while by offering them a deal or giveaway every now and then.



8. You're being a tool. 

Sometimes, people will post things that you won’t like. Editing, deleting or ranting in response to those comments will just show that you can't handle constructive criticism.


9. You've been using your page to spout personal opinions. 

If you must tell the world about your religious beliefs or your stance on vaccination... keep it for your personal Facebook. 


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