Why would you hire a social media manager in Melton?

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If it's FREE to have a presence, why would you bother finding a social media manager in Melton?

Mainly because it takes time & experience to do it well. And it you're not doing it well - then you're leaving dollars on the table for your competitors to collect. It's also something you can afford to ignore. 

"In 2017, if you are a business that wants to be heard, refocusing on the content you put out on social media is a HUGE factor" ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


Here are the main reasons to hire a social media manager in Melton:

It'll save you time & get the job done properly. 

Instead of doing an 'ok job' (while juggling the demands of your business) -  wouldn't it be smarter to outsource to someone who really get's it? 



You'll be taking advantage of someone else's experience.

Avoid those awkward social media fails by learning from someone else's mistakes.



Hiring a motivated freelancer much easier than employing someone. 

With freelancers, you don't have the hassle or responsibility of hiring an employee.

And sometimes it takes someone who understands the demands of small business to get the job done properly.



So your business isn't missed by potential customers. 

Your business is judged by a quick internet search these days. The better your presence on social media, the more credible your business appears. 




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